What I wear for winter cycling

“There is no bad weather, there is only bad equipment!“ That’s my slogan for cycling.

These days we are facing decreasing temperatures in Luxembourg and it’s quite dark when we commute to work. So what can you do to be properly dressed for you everyday winter bike ride? Here are my suggestions.

  • Get a warm, wind and water proof jacket;
  • Wear at least one pair of gloves. Tight running gloves under your normal ones help your fingers staying warmer.
  • Wear a helmet that includes a back light to be safe on the road;
  • Get a rain cover for your helmet; not only protects you from water or fog condensation, but also adds some warmth to your head. I’ve got a shiny neon yellow one with reflector stripes to be seen even better.
  • Wear a headband to warm up your ears. If you take a Buff and role it smartly it will cover your ears and neck, but will neither affect your field of vision nor annoy you by putting pressure on your eye brows;
  • Get an over-shoe; it will protect your shoes from water and dirt, keep your feet warm and if you invest some 20 € into a good one, you won’t have issues with transpiration.
  • If it’s really, really cold or raining/snowing cats and dogs you should wear rain trousers. My recommendation: Each € you spent more on that will improve your experience. The cheaper ones will be perfect for protecting you from cold or wetness from the outside. But they have no good ventilation systems, and therefore your trousers will be wet anyways…

I hope that helps you getting warm through winter without unsaddling!